When is the best time to begin riding my colt?


Hi Edwin. Thanks for writing in with the question. When to start riding your horse depends on how well he has developed and if he is physically able to be ridden. I like to start ground breaking mine when they are yearlings. By this I am referring to halter breaking, teaching them to tie and cross tie, wear a saddle, carry a snaffle in their mouth for a little while each day, ground driving, ponying them from another horse, being able to go on a walker, being used to wearing hobbles, tying them up in the arena for a while with other horses while I am riding others, etc. etc… There is alot that can be done before you actually hop up on them, and it actually takes more time and patience to do all the prep work which will make them quieter before you actually put your boot in the stirrup. As for as time wise goes, usually I find myself starting most two year olds by early spring of the year before most are officially two years old. Once again this varies from horse to horse, and if you are concerned if your horse can support the weight or work, you might contact your vet to get a better individual answer. Thanks for the question and good luck with your project, and always use caution in those first few rides.