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I have also read articles on ezee-wean halter…

QUESTION:  I need your advice. We have a 8 month old colt (male) who is still nursing. We were checking into having the colt [...]

…she is still a little bitter about losing money on him and refuses to give up his papers…

QUESTION:  Hi, I just recently got my first horse. He came to me through one of my close friends who’s mom had got him [...]

I ended up taking him to a well known paint trainer North of Orlando…

QUESTION:  I wrote you a while ago about my 4 year old paint horse, now 5 out of Dirti Rocki. I ended up taking [...]

Recently he’s developed the habit of refusing to walk through the gate into the arena (while I’m riding)…

QUESTION:  I have a 13-year old registered Paint who is just awesome. The farm where I board him had a large outdoor arena where [...]

I’m about to buy an 8 year old gelding…

QUESTION:  He was started as a 2 year old, sent to a trainer as a 3 year old and then his owner lost interest [...]

I have a cute western pleasure horse that hates indoor arenas

QUESTION:  She hates applause and cheering, how do I get her to overcome this fear so we can get her shown? ANSWER:  I have [...]

Romal Reins

QUESTION:  Hi. I noticed on some of your horses you use Romal reins. What advantages do Romal reins have in the show ring? Are they [...]

They are trying to train her to jump…

QUESTION: Hi, My friends have a horse named Chicklet. They are trying to train her to jump.They have gotten her started, but I was wandering [...]

I would like to know if my horse has good conformation. Can you tell me?

QUESTION: I would like to know if my horse has good conformation. Can you tell me? ANSWER:  It is hard to give an evaluation [...]

Will he be sound all his life if I break him this early?

QUESTION:  I have a POA that was born February of 2003. I'm wondering if I can start breaking him now. Will he be sound [...]

I have noticed lately that she is not responding to the bit anymore

QUESTION: My daughter has an 11-year-old Arabian that she started riding in 4H this year. She rides her with a regular snaffle bit but [...]

What abilities and interests do you need to be one?

QUESTION:  I am doing a report for school about Horse trainers. What abilities and interests do you need to be one? Also, are there [...]

She rears so high she broke her tie down

QUESTION:  We have a 6 yr old pony that just started rearing. Any ideas on how to stop it? She rears so high she [...]

Do you think his disposition will improve by lengths after he is cut?

QUESTION:  My yearling will be cut on Tuesday. The farrier trimmed today and mentioned I might want to sell him. Chance is very stubborn. [...]

What would you do with this otherwise potentially competitive horse?

QUESTION:  My western pleasure horse has a terrible nervous habit of chomping at the bit in the show ring. I have given her calming [...]

Is there an age that a horse is “too old” to send out?

QUESTION:  I have two 5yrs old mares. They both have just had 30 days of training which was when they were three. They have [...]

Does walking up hills or bitting up help?

QUESTION:  I am interested in building my 3-year-old colts rear end muscles to achieve collection and solid backing skills. He is somewhat gangly, tall [...]

What about hobbles?

QUESTION:  Hi Mark, I wanted to know if you know any ways to stop a horse from running the fence line. The problem is [...]

I was wondering what bit I should use?

QUESTION:  Hi, I have an 18 month old QH and he is almost 14 hands I have started him under the saddle my vet [...]

If the yearling has always had this kicking and rearing and jumping over fences thing since birth will she ever change?

QUESTION:  Hi Mark, I have a four and a half year old mare for about one month. I bought a yearling on May 1 [...]

When we get into the lope, he speeds up to pass all the other horses

QUESTION:  My 15-year-old QH is an excellent Western pleasure horse...when I'm riding at home. Even in the ring, he's very calm and collected at [...]

She will head shake even if she is just free lunged in just a headstall

QUESTION:  I have a 7-year-old Arabian mare that I have owned since just before she turned 4. When I purchased her she was barely [...]

I need to teach her neck reining but don’t know how to do this

QUESTION:  Hi Mark! I have a just turned 4yo MFT mare. She was trained w/and knows direct reining. I need to teach her neck [...]

What breed is best for pleasure riding?

QUESTION:  I am going to be a first time horse owner. What breed is best for pleasure riding? ANSWER:  Hi Tiffany, In my opinion [...]

It feels like she’s not balanced or doing something different with her feet

QUESTION:  Hi, I have a question I ride my horse in western at the gallop sometimes it feels like she’s not balanced or doing [...]