Hi, I just recently got my first horse. He came to me through one of my close friends who’s mom had got him from one of her friends. I don’t know if you’re going to be able to help me on this issue but, the woman that my friend’s mom got him from, has a problem with the lady who’s barn I’m boarding him at. They have some past history when it comes to horse matters and do not get along. Recently I went to the original owners house and politely asked for his registration papers because I was hoping to show him this year in the county fair. Well it turns out she had a buyer lined up for him if I hadn’t taken him. You see I got him for free. And she is still a little bitter about losing money on him and refuses to give up his papers. I was just wondering if maybe you had any suggestions for me. Thank you, Katana.


Unfortunately if you do not have the registration papers in your hands with the signed transfer along with it,… are not the official owner of the horse. I get this mail all the time if you read some of my other posts. The registration papers on a horse are no different than the title on your car. I never buy a horse unless I receive the papers and transfer report that goes along with the animal. Your best bet is to contact the breed association that he is registered with, and if that does not pan out, you have no choice but to contact an attorney to get those papers in your name. I hope you at least have a bill of sale or transfer of ownership in writing of some sort. Good luck, and I hope things work out for you.