He was started as a 2 year old, sent to a trainer as a 3 year old and then his owner lost interest and turned him out for nearly 2 years. He has been sold twice and both times his new owners have not worked with him on his pleasure training, so now he is 8, has a super trot, good lope, though not collected and slow and headset doesn’t come around until he’s worked down in a lope. At a trot, head drops level naturally. Is it too late to send him to a trainer to get him finished for showing? I think he has a great deal of potential and it is a shame for a horse of this caliber not to enter a show ring.


Hi Shelly, you can train horses at anytime in their lives. It is just that we all start early to get them going to the futurities, shows, races, trail and riding horses, etc… Just make sure that you get the right trainer and explain the situation to them. Follow along with his progress and be a part of his education. Good luck with your new project.