I am looking at a 3 year old QH cross. He sounds absolutely wonderful. My concern is that he is already jumping small cross rails, and recently went eventing at the 2’3” height. He did great. My question is; do you think he is being started too young over jumps. My daughter is a D-3 pony clubber, and she needs a horse that is able to jump during lessons. Let me know what you think Thank you, Mary


Dear Mary,

I will make this a two-part answer. First of all every horse is brought along at their own rate of learning, and if this horse can do the job and is not being pushed, then that is a good thing. You have to have trust in the trainers doing their job and know who they are, and if they are reputable and responsible trainers. The second part of the answer is if your daughter is young and needs to learn to jump on a horse, it would make sense to me to put her on an old warrior who has been there, done that, not a green three year old for her to learn on. I hope I have answered your question based on the info that you have given me. I always feel that the safer older horses are the way for all kids to go with.

Thanks for the question and Good luck……..