I have a 2 year old QH filly.Sweet and nice.papers and confirmation.Trainers in Pa get $1000 per month for training.We have learned some ground work.I also have an Exmoor pony gelding 11 years old with her.I am not experienced and have had no riding lessons. Just read a lot and rode him around a little.They are kept very well and have full access to 2 acres of pastures and a barn.I am confused with all the different methods and advice from others about everything.For instance,I would like them barefoot.

It’s a big concept now. Others cringe. I do not think the Amish/Mennonite here in Pa treat their animals well. How can I get the right training for myself and my horses?


Hi Laurie, I can start right out by answering your biggest question by going to , this is the AQHA website that will give you contacts in your area with real professional horsemen that can help you with your concerns. On the shoeing issue, I train my horses, which means that they are ridden alot, thus they have to have shoes or they will become lame, it is as simple as that. If you just trail ride occasionally and they are getting along fine without shoes, then don’t shoe them. However, if you are riding alot then it is only in the best interest of your horse to protect his feet. I hope this helps you and let me know how everything works out.