Hi Mark,

I have a 6 y/o Paint gelding. We are just getting started w/some showing. Open/fun shows. What do you think of quietex? The last show we went to, it was windy and noisy, and spirit was a bit extra “spirited” since I am a new horse owner, someone advised using the natural paste to help w/ his jitters. It did work, because I noticed he was not jumpy anymore, but still alert and active. What is valerian? Is it legal and should I stay away from this as a beginner, or is it ok for going to away shows? Appreciate the info. Thanks.


Valerian root to my knowledge, is supposed to make them quiet. I do not use any quietex, or any other natural substances. I am not saying that they do not work. They might work just fine. However for me, spending allot of time in the saddle and doing my work at home prepares my horses for the shows. If they are acting up, more lounging and riding is in order. If they still act up there are more issues at hand and maybe they are not ready for competition yet. Hours in the saddle doing nothing but just riding them and not training, does wonders for most horses.