Hi Mark,

I’m 16 years old and I have a QH. He is 13 months old and I am working with him with a saddle and am very anxious to get on him. I was wondering when I could get on him? People around me say 18 months and other people say 2 yrs so I want to ask you since you are a professional.


Hi Katelyn,

I think it depends on how big your horse is when you can start him. I usually wait till they are just turning two. While you are waiting for him to mature, there are many things you can do with him to further his education without riding him, saddling, loungeing, sacking out, hobbling, ponying, etc.

Please read the post I left for Carli on training, I think you are wise to find help with your horse. Just do your research and find that right QUALIFIED professional. Learn while your horse is being trained, watch, ask questions, and help out if needed.