I have a 17 y/o Paint Mare. We bought her from a neighbor who told us that she was broke. Well, the first time we rode her we were able to put the bridle on fine. She was great to ride and did well in the arena. Well the next time we went to take her out she would not let us put her bridle on. We had this guy come and put it on. He had to be really rough just to get it on. She throws her head and tries to rear. I thought it might be her ears, but she lets us put a fly mask on. I think it might have to do with her mouth. I use a snaffle bit, but I am wondering if using one of those bits that don’t go in the mouth would work. She is great once you get on her, so I really don’t want to send her to the trainer for just that one problem. Do you have any advice for me?


Hi Ashley,

I would start first with neighbors who sold you the horse. They either found a way to get the bit in her mouth or had the same problem you are dealing with. I always research previous owners and trainers when I have problems with new horses to make sure it is not something new. Next step, have your vet check her teeth.

There may be a problem there. Other than that, I would mess around with her head, rubbing her ears, mouth, all over her head and get her used to being handled a lot around those areas.

Sometimes I have to unhook the bridle and put it on like a halter. Be patient, do your research and you should be fine. Let me know how it goes,