I am 14 and I am training my first horse. I am training my dad’s 1 yr old filly named Misty. I can sit on her with and with out the saddle and she does not mind. What I want to know is how do I train her to respond to leg commands and to stop with the bridle. How to make her turn both ways and how to walk, trot, lope (canter), and gallop with my legs giving her the command to?

I forgot to tell you that I need to teach her to neck rein because my dad said I had to teach her because it is his horse and I do not know how.


Hi Anna,

First make sure your horse is big enough to ride, you mentioned she was only a yearling. Have your vet take a look and make sure she is old enough to start riding. Then go to your local tack store and buy the Western Horseman book, “Starting Colts”, which is written by a friend of mine Mike Kevil. This is a good book and there is definitely not enough room on this website to tell you how to do it. Take your time and be patient and open minded to professional help if you need it.

Good luck…….. Mark