I have a 5 y/o gelding walking horse, which is in the process of being de-sensitized, after being abused by his original owner. He’s not a mean horse, but is very flighty. Should I keep him on Quitetex during ground training? Also, we have a 12 y/o mare quarter horse, which is very well trained. Should we keep them in the same pasture? Everyday they fight…Is that normal behavior?


Hi Johanna,

Do not keep him on anything but wet saddle pads. Take your time and expose him to a lot of stuff. Take him to team pennings, ropings, horse shows, and ride him around. Let him come around on his own. Hours is the saddle and patience is the best answer for all your questions. If he were my horse, I would put him in the same pasture. They will get along sooner or later. If not, then one will always be the dominant one.

Good Luck,