I have purebred Arabian gelding. He is the sweetest and will do whatever I ask of him. Recently I have learned he likes to jump stuff, so I use as reward after equitation work out, but I don’t want to hurt him if he is too young. When is the right age to start horses on jumping? He will be 4 in May. Thanks so much.


Hi Corrine, Thanks for your question, I deal with Quarter Horses and by four years old they are jumping everything and being shown. If your Arabian might be smaller size and have smaller legs and your are concerned with him holding up then you might consult your veterinarian for his opinion. Otherwise I would think that easing him into jumping smaller fences would not be a problem. If you have a concern then start slow, and build into it until you are comfortable yourself. If he enjoys jumping he is telling you something, I am always looking for what my horses excel in the most and where their talents are, and head them in that direction.

Take care and good luck with your horse.