I have a 4 year old QH and she has been ridden a lot. But, in the last few weeks every time I go to get on her she starts crow hopping. Any suggestions on how to stop this?


Hi Mitchell, this problem can be stopped easily and must be for your safety. If you have a young horse and don’t ride everyday like horses in training, then you might try lounging her in a round pen or on the end of a line to let her play and get all of that out of her system. I don’t call it crow hopping, I call it bucking, and that is not allowed. If you try this and get her a little tired first and she is still messing with you, then it is time to go to the AQHA website Find a qualified trainer, tell them your problem and take a few lessons. Owning and riding a horse can be one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling experiences one can have, however landing upside down on your head from an unruly horse that just bucked you off can ruin that forever. Get help so it does not become a more serious problem. Remember, horses are creatures of habit and if she is not stopped now she will only continue to do it more.

Let me know how it turns out.