I recently purchased a 5yr old QH. He has been very nice to work around except for nibbling at times. It is not encouraged by me. Last night I was grooming him in the cross ties and while I was picking out his tail he tried to swing around and kick me more than a few times. This was after I had been working w/his tail for @ 15- 20 minutes. What kind of correction do you suggest to remedy this? Thanks, Julie.


Thanks for writing in with the question. I can only give my thoughts as to what I would do if he were my horse. I am assuming that he is very spoiled. Biting, kicking, pawing, all are in the same category in my opinion. Because he does not do it all the time still does not make it ok. He definitely needs some discipline if he is trying to kick at you even though he might be playing. Respect and obedience are the two most important things you must have in your horse. Safety is also my top concern when I reply with these answers. If you dont feel you have the knowledge to safely discipline your horse, seek the help of a qualified trainer. When I say qualified, I am referring to a professional who is very capable of fixing this problem, which is easily fixable and must be taken care of immediately. Look up on the net for an AQHA website called You can look up in your area for experienced professional help from trainers that would enjoy helping you. This is a problem that can be fixed with very easily with the right pro to help you.

Good luck, don’t get kicked, and let me know how it turns out.