Dear Mark,

I bought a beautiful yearly colt last year with the intention of using he for breeding. And when I bought him I was told that he was registerable. And he is but the person never transferred the mare’s papers into her name so now I am having a problem with the person on doing her part. The reason I am so bent on this is because my paint has the looks and disposition any person would want to breed their mare too. And I don’t believe in keeping a colt a stallion a stallion on just papers alone. Many people that have met this as a 2yr old cannot believe he has not been gelded. I feel he compliments the Paint / Quarter Horse breed a lot. Please any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Mikell


Hi Mikell,

If you cant get the papers, geld him tomorrow! Call either the Paint Horse or Quarter Horse associations and see if you can get some help. Bottom line is, I never give money to anyone for a horse unless I see the papers first. If you can’t get papers it will be a good learning experience for you.