My horse is an Arabian, 4 years old. Before I got him I have heard he was abused. He is head shy and every time I go to put the bit in his mouth he rears up. He has been sent to a trainer but he still does it. He is really good under saddle. Every time I go to ride him it is a fight to get the bridle on. What can I do?


Hi Theresa,

Thanks for writing in and I would start by messing around his head every day, rubbing around his ears, nose, rewarding him when he allows you to touch his face. You mentioned that you sent him to a trainer, and it is hard for me to guess where you are with your progress. Different trainers have different techniques and approaches, and this one might not have worked. If you are a novice, check out the website This is a site that offers AQHA professional horsemen to help you out, and there are many qualified experts in that site. Check one out in your area. In the meantime, he will get better if you keep working with him.

Measure you progress in weeks and months and not just day-by- day. Imprinting foals when they are born is a sure way to avoid all of this. Let me know how it all works out.