Hello Mark,

I have recently acquired a 4-year-old quarter horse that was sold through a sale as he has foundered. I have chosen to try barefoot trimming and I am seeing slight results. I am in this for the long haul and I know it will take months, maybe years before he is sound. Corrective shoeing has not helped this horse, and I may elect to not shoe him in the future. This horse has placed 10th in the world in Halter, and has qualified for world every year of his young life. How will keeping him barefoot affect a judge’s decision to use him in the future? Thank you. Stacie


Hi Stacie,

The first thing you must do is get a really good vet and do a complete set of radiographs on both his front feet. I have never heard of helping a horse that has been foundered by not shoeing him? I would even get two different vets’ opinions regarding this. As far as what I would think of no shoes on an older horse, it would not affect my placing if he were sound. However, it would make me ask, “Why in the heck does that horse not have shoes on?” All horse shows have rocks, hard ground, concrete, blacktop, etc. The thought would not even cross my mind about taking one of my horses to a show without shoes, just for the protection purposes……….