Hello Mark,

I am a Farrier and I come in contact with many horse dispositions. I was wondering if you heard of a technique called “head shaking” to thwart unwanted behavior? I am always looking for new ways to make horses behave while I am shoeing/trimming. Many owners do not understand the importance of a horse that stands well for the Farrier and as a Farrier I am literally UNDER horses and in very uncomfortable and vulnerable positions. Any new found techniques that you can introduce that may help me do my job better??



Hi Debi,

I treat my shoer with a lot of respect. I used to shoe horses and I know how hard of work it is. I have been there and done that. I never ask my shoer to shoe a young horse until he has been ridden hard and put up wet, broke to ground tie, broke to the lip chain and has been used to the ways of the training stable. I also have no problem with using acepromazine on a young horse for the first time he is shod. Why make it traumatic when it can be pleasant? I usually have a helper or myself hold the horse for my shoer and have excellent facilities and conditions for the shoer to work around. There are no gimmicks that I know of, and I find that if they are ridden a lot that they usually stand better. If my shoer has problems with a particular horse, I find that a few miles out in the desert and back changes his attitude quickly. My shoer has been working for me for twenty some years and does so because I keep his well being in mind.

Take care, and thanks for the question.