I am doing a report for school about Horse trainers. What abilities and interests do you need to be one? Also, are there any advancement opportunities in this job? And, one last question, what is a typical day like on the job for a horse trainer? Thanks a lot for your time. Wade


Hi Wade,

Good question. Horse training is a tough life with no retirement, unless you make up your own IRA plan. It is a great lifestyle and very rewarding, and is the kind of job for myself, that I look forward to going to work everyday. I feel one needs a college background in accounting, bookkeeping, psychology, and needs to apprentice for a minimum of five years for an accomplished trainer before hanging up your own shingle. There are a lot of “trainers” out there, but not all are real knowledgeable horsemen or horsewomen. Longevity is the key to the game here. I see many people fail in the business due to not paying their dues, acquiring an education, or not apprenticing for a long enough period of time. Finding the right person to work for is very important. Decide what your interests are and find the best trainer in that discipline. Do not expect to make very much money, as you are earning an education in the process. As far as advancement possibilities are concerned, “the harder you work, the more you make”. I think that holds true for most occupations. Good luck with your report.

Thanks………….. Mark