I have two 5yrs old mares. They both have just had 30 days of training which was when they were three. They have been ridden very little since then. Is there an age that a horse is “too old” to send out -or should I just have the trainer come over to refresh the horses? They are just going to be trail horses…very little show if any… Dani


Hi Dani,

It is never too late to work with horses and train them. They can learn at any age in life. It is just easier to get it done earlier in life because horses do not live very long, so why not start earlier? I would have the trainer put more time on them to the point that you are satisfied that you can continue on your own. Most horses only need occasional tune-ups if they have been ridden and trained properly. If you are with the right trainer, no amount of training is too much, if it makes the horse more responsive and easier for you to ride.

Thanks………… Mark