Hi Mark,

I have been riding my 5 yr old POA gelding in pointed rowel spurs mostly because he is lazy getting into gaits and doesn’t pay much attention to me. (And the previous owner suggested it) I wear them all the time when I ride him, but I use them gently and only when I need to. I have started to notice swelling/soreness on his side and I am wondering if I should change to a blunt spur or stop using spurs all together. Also, how long will the soreness take to heal? Thanks for your time.


Hi Monica,

I doubt if the spurs are making the swelling marks. Unless you are really knocking the hell out of him, it is probably from something else. You might start using a crop and gently use it in conjunction with your spurs, so he is not so dependent on spurs. Your problem is not a bad one, I would much rather spur one to make him go, than to pull on him to make him stop.