I am just starting out showing my paint horse. How important is the saddle and the clothes you wear? And what types of things do judges look for? Thank you, Bonnie.


Hi Bonnie,

Another good question. I could care less about how much silver people have on their saddles, and I could care less about how much people spent on their outfits and equipment. The main thing you need is a saddle that fits you and your horse. Neat and clean. The main ingredient is hand made equipment that puts you where you need to be in the saddle. I ride all day long and I refuse to ride in a poorly constructed saddle. I will not ride in any thing but a well made saddle. Who cares about the silver? Look for a good saddle builder, and not how much silver it has. It will also hold the value longer than a factory saddle. I ride in Bob’s, Blue Ribbon, and Bruce Cheney saddles every day and I love them.