Thanks so much for your advice. It makes sense. The way I was doing it, stopping and backing a few steps then walking forward was advice from another trainer and it wasn’t working. I will try your way and see if I don’t have better luck.

I may email you about your training as well. This colt was sent out to Doug Williamson in Bakersfield who is a reining/cutting trainer. He had the colt for two months and not much was put on him as far as the basics. Do you think it is too late to have someone else come in with his or her training techniques and start him over?

Anyway, I’ll be in touch and let you know how the backing goes and I’ll probably inquire about your training.

Thanks again. Julie


Hi Julie,

Doug is a really good trainer and horseman. Horses can adapt to Just about any training program if it is simple and makes sense to the

horse. Good luck and keep in touch. Thanks,