My yearling will be cut on Tuesday. The farrier trimmed today and mentioned I might want to sell him. Chance is very stubborn. He is one of those horses that locks his legs if he doesn’t want to move. He is a handful at times and I am pretty strong. Do you think his disposition will improve by lengths after he is cut? Chance has excellent conformation and great feet. This is my first yearling. I’ve been told he is a Thoroughbred/Saddlebred mix. The farrier thinks he is Thoroughbred/Mustang mix????


Hi Allison,

It sounds like he is a stubborn one. Gelding him will make an incredible difference. I would have to look at him and actually be around him to give you an answer. I do not have a crystal ball. If you sent me a video or DVD of him, I would have a better idea as to what I would suggest. Maybe spend some time with him, now that he is no longer a stallion. Do not feel sorry for him. Saddle him up and lunge him and work him every day. This is the best time to work on attitude adjustment……………