Mark Sheridan Horse Trainer

World Champion Trainer and Coach
International Show Judge
Author and Clinician

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Past Winners and Renowned Horses.....

Trace of Goodbar

Bay Berry Boss

Big Commotion

Cotton Eyed Glow

Count McChick

Absolute Doll

Count McChick and Bobby's Black Zac

Cross Reference

Decka Drift

Dun Some More
Reserve World Champion

Pop Top Bud
Reserve World Champion

He'z Adorable

Whata Bizzy Body

Interest Only



BeLau Queen

BeLau Queen

Triples Zipper

Barry Win

Zips Impressed

Leaguer's Tall Hand

Silver Dollar

Mister Hennessey

Sgt Pepper

Skipalong Sue
Congress Champion, Top Ten World Show

Zippos Due Claw

Zippos Due Claw

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